Summer Reading List and Worksheets

June 2019


+Dear Parents and Students,


As summer approaches we offer to you the Summer Reading Lists for students in upcoming grades 1 – 8.  The Summer Reading List is not meant to be a punishment, but as a way for students to maintain reading and comprehension skills during the summer months.  

In fact, according to the American Library Association, summer reading is the best way to help kids retain critical reading, study, and academic skills developed during the school year. But that’s not all—books can be just plain fun! Kids get to explore topics outside their normal curriculum and bring those discoveries with them into the new school year.


Some parents and students will quite naturally spend time each day reading for enjoyment.  I am one of those people! In fact, I have a small stack of books ready for summer reading sitting on a shelf in my room and a few more on my Kindle!  I don’t’ understand why everyone doesn’t read every day. Other adults and children need to be coaxed to read. Having some titles handy might help them to pick up a good book and read.


For many years we have partnered with Barnes & Noble Book Sellers at Main Street in Exton for our annual book fair (ID#12508081) from June 7th to 12th.  This makes it super easy to find and purchase the summer reading required books and to help out the school library at the same time.  If you purchase books, be sure to include your name for the special summer basket created by the Crossan Family. It will be chanced off in school on Thursday, the 13th.  


So whether you are a willing or a reluctant reader, there are plenty of options for you this summer.  In most grades the teachers include a form for students to complete while reading the books. The form is to help readers remember the content as the books will be used for the first ELA (and other content areas) assignments in the fall.  Students should bring the papers back to school the first week of school.


May the days of summer be blessed with sunshine, peace, happiness – and a few good books!  Happy reading!

Sister Joan

Sister Joan Felicia, IHM


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