Raising A Beautiful Child Workshop – Sept. 22

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Join us for this event on Friday, September 22nd 6:30PM in the School Cafeteria @ St. Agnes School.

The Hance Family Foundation is proud to present an empowering workshop for parents Raising a Beautiful Child The Emma, Alyson, & Katie Project. Raising A Beautiful Child gives parents information that will help improve their child’s self esteem.

Download the Flyer here: RaisingABeautifulChild.PDF

Beautiful Me Introduction…learn about Emma, Alyson & Katie Hance. Hear from their parents about their journey of survival and hope for the future. Discover what BEAUTIFUL ME is & how to join our self-esteem movement!

Please Register for this event by filling out this form. After attending Raising A Beautiful Child, adults will leave with new information that is vital to improving their child’s:

  • Ability to gain satisfaction from helping others
  • Ability to develop coping skills
  • Independence in their home and community

Click to Register for Raising A Beautiful Child Workshop!