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Full day pre-school & pre-kindergarten students bring their lunch each day.

Full day kindergarten students carry their lunch to school each day.  Milk, juice and water are available to purchase. Starting in October, Kindergarten students may pre-order and pre-pay for pizza on Fridays through the hot lunch program.

Students in grades 1-8 may carry their lunch to school or purchase hot lunch on a pre-order basis through Great Valley Lunch Program. Lunch orders must be pre-ordered and pre-paid by the 15th of the previous month. Orders may be placed online through MSP and paid through Smart Tuition. Please check the monthly calendar for any changes from this due date because of holidays, etc.  The lunch menu is available on our website.

Milk, juice, water, ice cream and a limited number of healthy snacks are available on a daily basis. Also include at least two napkins in each lunch box. This is most appreciated as a means of helping with the clean-up at the end of each lunch period.