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Tuition 2018 – 2019

Participating Parishioner Rate:

  • The Finance Committee requests that all school families use direct debit for parish contributions.
  • You are entitled to the Participating Parishioner Tuition Rate by using direct debit to contribute a minimum weekly/Sunday contribution averaging $25. For newly registered parishioners, parish contributions are expected to begin immediately. If the contribution requirement is not met at the mid-point and final point of your payment plan your status and tuition rate will be changed to the Non-Participating Parishioner Rate for the school year and the difference added to your tuition payments.  You will be notified before this change is made.
  • You are choosing the Non-Participating Parishioner Tuition Rate by not regularly using and contributing through your church envelopes.
  • Non-Catholic families are expected to pay the full cost of educating their child(ren).

[button link=”/wp-content/uploads/delightful-downloads/2019/01/ACH-form.pdf” window=”yes”]Add Direct Debit![/button]

Tuition Assistance Application for 2018 – 2019: 

All families are welcomed and encouraged to apply for tuition assistance through FACTS Grants and Aid application. The application for tuition assistance for 2018-2019 is available to all only electronically at https://online.factsmgt.com/aid. Qualification for financial assistance through various programs (e.g., EITC, BLOCKS, the Foundation for Catholic Education, et al) requires the submission of application to FACTS, which is confidential.  Those who qualified last year for assistance were families with the following number of dependents and within the following household income thresholds:

  • One dependent:               Household income of $91,620;
  • Two dependents:             Household income of $106,890;
  • Three dependents:          Household income of $122,160;
  • Four dependents:            Household income of $137,430
  • Five dependents:             Household income of $152,700*
  • Six or more dependents:   Add $15,270 for each additional dependent.

We encourage all families to apply for 2018-19 tuition assistance through FACTS Grants and Aid application.

More information may be found here.

Grades K through 8St. Agnes Participating Parishioner Rate:

Payment Amount
CostParish Subsidy with fundraisingAnnual
Per Month
1 child $ 6,545$  2,355$4,190$2,095$419
2 children$13,090$  5,360$7,730$3,865$773
3 children$19,635$  8,850$10,750$5,375$1,075
4+ children$26,180$14,380$11,800$5,900$1,180

Grades K through 8
Non- Participating Parishioner/Non Catholic Rate:

Payment Amount
Semi-AnnualPer Month
Each child$6,545$3,272.50$654.50

4 Year Old PreSchool Tuition:

 Self Supported ProgramPayment Amount
Semi-AnnualPer Month
Half Day$2,275$455
Full Day$2,975$595




3 Year Old PreSchool Tuition:

 Self Supported ProgramPayment Amount
Semi-AnnualPer Month
Three Half Days$1,700$340
Three Full Days$2,425$485
Five Half Days$2,375  $475
Five Full Days$3,375$675








Registration Fee for New Families$100.00 per family
School Fee grades K to 8$150.00 per child
Home and School Fee$100.00 per family