2017-2018 School Supplies

Click to download the School Supply List 2017-2018

The school supply list for the 2017-2018 school year consists of two parts:  the Classpack that the school orders and charges to your Smart Tuition account in August and the list of supplies that you are responsible for purchasing…

If you dread spending part of your summer shopping for those last minute school supplies the Home and School has found a solution for you!  You now have the option of logging on to Smart Tuition, select purchase optional items, and select the School Supplies kit for the grade your child will be entering next year.  All the supplies your teacher has requested are included in that kit, and will be ready for you to pick up at the Welcome Back Fair this fall!  You can even select to purchase one of the gigantic rolls of contact paper (good for covering books for multiple students), and the scientific calculator for grades 6-8. You have until June 5th to place your optional order.  The Classpack will be charged to your Smart Tuition account in August; if you wish to add the optional items, you have to select it on Smart Tuition by June 5.

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